Gun Parts and Accessories at Reasonable Prices !

How I Got Started

My name is Paul.  I became a gun nut as a small boy and later in life while selling firearms at gun shows in New England under "Paul's Guns",  I started displaying the SKS Rifle and some accessories along with the other items that I was selling.
One day while taking a break and walking around a show looking at what other vendors were displaying, I overheard several customers telling each other that they needed to see what the SKS Man was selling before they left the show. I never forgot that !
Having suffered a stroke in 1997, I continued to do gun shows as "Paul's Guns" until it became to difficult to do.  I stopped selling guns and decided to specialize in SKS parts and their accessories on-line and I had the perfect name for the business,"SKS MAN"
The business is still running today and hopefully well into the future.  Thanks for visiting the site !