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AK/Valmet Recoil Buffer Mfg. By Buffer Technologies

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AK/Valmet Recoil buffer

The AK/Valmet recoil buffer fits on the recoil spring guide rod of any Kalashnikov style Tweapon. This includes AKs, Valmets, Galils, and Mak 90s just to name a few. Installation takes less than a minute What makes the Kalashnikov action so reliable, is also what causes its inevitable downfall, the violent manner in which it works. Each time you fire your rifle the gas system propels the bolt carrier to the rear very violently which generates a shock wave that is absorbed by the metal receiver. After a period of time, this repeated pounding causes the action itself to lose its structural integrity. Can be done without any special tools.

By installing a recoil buffer, you totally eliminate the metal to metal impact of the bolt carrier to the receiver, thereby eliminating the shock to the receiver and most of the action noise.When installed the AK/Valmet recoil buffer will give you less felt recoil, more muzzle  stability, and less action noise. All the benefits wejust mentioned while extending the service life of your weapon.