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AR-Restor Hydraulic Recoil Buffer

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AR-Restor Hydraulic Recoil Buffer

A recoil buffer will protect your weapon from the shock and vibration caused by the metal to metal impact of the bolt/bolt carrier or op rod with the receiver. This impact is what causes felt recoil and muzzle jump. When two pieces of metal hit each other repeatedly with the amount of force generated by the firing of a weapon, over time the metal will begin to change shape and can even crack. This is why, for years, the top gunsmiths in the country have recommended the use of Shok-buffs in 45 autos. In rifles, you have a larger mass of metal combined with a larger cartridge; it just makes sense to offer your rifle the same protection. All of the buffers are rated for a life of 5000 rounds except the Colt 1911 .45 which is rated for 1000 rounds.  

    Enidine AR-Restor Hydraulic Recoil Buffer. This is the best buffer on the market today! Reduce felt recoil, improve accuracy, reduce fire rate, suppress bolt bounce, and protect your valuable optics with this simple drop-in replacement. Enidine hydraulic recoil buffers have been employed in military applications to reduce recoil, improve accuracy and increase reliability. Examples include the soft mount for the M2 machine gun and the M249 SAW. Tests have shown the buffer to produce a reduced rate of fire by approximately 200 rounds per minute. The Enidine AR-Restor Hydraulic Recoil Buffer comes with a full 1 year warranty and fits all collapsible stock tubes.