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HELLSTORM 2000/ HELLFIRE Universal Trigger System

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HELLSTORM 2000/ HELLFIRE Universal Trigger System

HS-2000-SKS (For SKS)

When installed properly, the HELLSTORM 2000 and HELLFIRE Universal devices create momentum upon firing. When the trigger is pulled, a biasing paddle (B) loads a torsion paddle (A) behind the trigger. At a point the torsion paddle shifts. Upon return of the trigger a sudden increase in pressure to the rear of the trigger pushes your finger forward creating a FULL AUTO-type fire. Because the trigger is pulled for each shot fired, it is legal.

Sytem components: A - Torsion Paddle. B - Biasing Paddle. C- Small Mount. D - Large Mount. E- Adjustment Screw. F- Adjustment Paddle. G- Mount Screw. H- Paddle Screw. With complete illustrated installation instruction manual. The HELLFIRE Universal FM-HFS device will work on most other semi-auto rifles.