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Versa Model 2 Bipod

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Versa Model 2 Bipod

Model 2 Bipod   (center)  Standard length bipod with special non-skid non-marring rubber feet. Designed for prone or benchrest shooting. Raises barrel from 9 to 11 " in 6 increments. Includes Universal Mounting Adapter.

Versa-Pod is consistently recognized as the top choice amongst bipods by experts in the industry. A quick look through the features will tell you why:

  • The only bipod that offers three different movements: Pan, Tilt AND Cant.

  • Quick attachment and detachment. Allows the bipods to be carried separately in a belt pouch. Attaches instantly when needed. Also allows one bipod to be used between several rifles.

  • One hand operation of leg adjustments. With other systems, one hand is needed to pull out the leg while the other hand tightens the locking collar. Versa-Pod's one touch operation allows you to lower BOTH legs in one motion and drop each leg to the desired height with your non-shooting hand.

  • A logical system consisting of prone position bipod, sitting position bipod and shooting stick/monopod. All designed to use the same system of mounting adapters.

  • A broad range of specially-designed mounting adapters for hard to fit applications: UIT (Anschutz) Rail, Freeland (American) Rail , Picatinny Rail and numerous others

  • Utilizes innovative 1-STEP locking mechanism. Three models to choose from: